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Green Energy Pricing Estimate

Prepared by: Mour Laham
Pricing Last Updated: January 11, 2023

Onyx Health

The Sands at South Beach

Hey Mike, I really appreciated the time you took to speak to me earlier today. Here is your price estimate. I think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised!

Give me a call if you have any questions in the meantime! When you’re ready to proceed, you can schedule a slot for us to complete the signup together.

Mour Laham

Natural gas for service address:
42 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Your Utility Provider:

Utility information provided by: Florida Natural Gas Association
Current Variable Plan Rate: $1.29/therm*
Current Fixed Rate Plan: $1.49/therm*


Estimated Monthly Savings

Current Variable Rate

Current Fixed Rate

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