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Energy Programs

Fixed Rate Programs

Find your deal and lock it down. Provides you with stability at an advantageous price.

Products & Services

Fixed Rate Pricing

Program Focus

Our Fixed-Rate Program focuses on mitigation and protects our customers from rising energy rates and the notorious volatility of the energy markets.

Program Goal

Limiting exposure to market factors and providing peace of mind is the goal of every organization.

Optimal Fit

Our fixed-rate program is perfect for businesses that want to lock in a price for energy. Our plans are available for any size business and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Markets & Products We Serve

  • New York: Electricity & Natural Gas
  • Ohio: Natural Gas
  • Florida: Natural Gas
We offer a variety of products to match your risk profile. From competitive fixed prices that allow you to budget your monthly energy costs to a market based variable price that allows you to take advantage of market dips.