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City of Hubbard Exclusive Pricing Program

We’re thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Eastern Power and Gas and the city of Hubbard! For all eligible residents and businesses, we’re offering an unbeatable rate of just $3.60 per MCF. This exclusive deal is available for 12 months starting from July (with the August billing cycle).

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy significant savings on your natural gas supply. Secure your exclusive rate today and join the community in benefiting from this limited-time offer. Sign up now to ensure your home or business takes full advantage of our partnership with the city of Hubbard.

Hubbard Pricing

12/Mo Fixed Rate: $3.60/MCF*

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When will I start getting billed at the new rate?

Your new rate will kick in one or two billing cycles after you sign up. Remember, this rate doesn’t cover taxes, delivery, or other utility charges.

Who will send me my gas bill?

Your usual utility will bill you monthly, just like before.

What if my business doesn't have to pay taxes on gas?

Send your latest tax exemption certificate to Eastern Power and Gas, LLC at our mailing address or email it to us.

Can I keep paying my gas bill automatically from my bank account?

Absolutely, your payment method doesn’t need to change.

Who makes sure the gas gets to my place?

Your local utility handles the delivery, just as they’ve always done.

What if there's an issue with my gas service?

For any service issues or billing queries, get in touch with your utility provider directly.

What if I've chosen a different supplier already?

Want to switch to us? First, check your current contract for any fees or restrictions on leaving early, then reach out to us.

Where can I get more info on this deal?

Got more questions? Feel free to call Eastern PNG at 877-799-3637 or email us at customerservice@easternpng.com.

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